There is time for everything this is the exact words the preacher man preaches, The old man said many wise saying about time; there is time for laughter, there is time mourning, there is time for giving birth, for planting and harvesting among others but I never had there is time for locking down! Or could this be another version of time for silence? The time we are in lead my curiosity into understanding the locking down sweeping across the world. Back rewind it’s December 2019 and there are lot of celebration in the air around the world, to many its the Season of yuletide a reflection of an unforgettable biggest gifts of birth to the world, to others a time to cool off all 334 days of hard work, to others a time of accountability but which ever way there is high expectations to the days ahead which was never to be very catastrophic and deadly to every corner of the earth. Now if our only begotten beloved earth is now becoming increasingly unsafe where are we to turn to we have no other place to go not even one among the thousands of planet can host humanity, this is a duty call to everyone to contribute in making our world a better place. The world is in a lock down to fight one common enemy which is more deadly than death because its invincible,its invincible not because it cannot be seen but because we do not have a weapon to fight it yet, until we discover a weapon to fight these battle the world will still be in the lock down cells.

How can we fight an invincible forces? to fight an invincible forces you have to be invincible, you have to strategise and understand the forms of the invisible forces these can only be achieved through locking down i.e when you are in a locked down camp there you can efficeiently strategise your forms of invincibility

NOTE: You have to strategise your warfare methodology and understand the warfare of the invincisbel forces, one key recipe to achieving these is information gathering, data through reading studying and learning meaning at locked down times like these studying, learning continuosly is an essential activity.

Key things we need to avoid include less of distracting and misinformation media ( traditional,social), they can easily disract an disrupt your new level of inspiration to learn, study or to strategise

worry less think less after all worrying or thinking does not solve the problem anyway, it will leave you stressed. you need to fill your mind with new thinking information, understanding the warfare of the invincible force you need to know the why,what triggered the fight what the enemy want the purpose/objectives is it a good course or bad one where do you stand on the offensive or defensive side.

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