The psychology of Negotiation (5) Negotiating with the times

What is time? Time is the most valuable resources ever there is! Time is the most important weapon to defeat failures, time understanding is the secret that powers success, the rich/successful people understand the times too well and that’s why they keep on succeeding? You cannot afford to waste the time! Nevertheless to waste time is inevitable without understanding it, time is the only most valuable resources we cannot discover it available to us all, no one wake up to go around looking for time nor go about looking for time to buy! There are many sales and marketing professionals out there who can brag about selling anything or marketing anything but I have never heard or seen anyone one can brag about selling or marketing time! So what exactly is time? It’s available to us all for free yet we mostly complain i don’t have time? Where is your 24hrs a day, 7day a week and 365days a year, just a quick reminder we are just pulling down another year calendar? What seed have sown in all the seconds, minutes, hours, days, that have passed. Those who understand the subject “time” are the same people who keep dancing to the tunes of success. In my previous part (4) we talk about brands and trends, the thin line that separated brands from trends is “time” how do I mean? Recall: brands last for life, brands never dies but trends is just for a moment trends come and go, we must live our lives as brands and not trends, we must leave brands legacy with our lives this is the only thing that define success, Success is not measured by material gains or possessions, success is simply measured by the relevance it has to the society, the community how is it helping changing lives for the better. To what profit will it be if a man makes all the money, wealth and it has no positive impact to the society or community at large, those who only acquire wealth for themselves are soon forgotten mostly their wealth even varnished so quickly, but those who build there lives around brands they pull others up, they leave foot paths for others to follow, one of my iconic brands I follow BRIAN TRACY, bishop CHARLES AGYINASARE, SUN TZU, STEVE JOBS, among others, why I am mentioning these brands names? Because they are source of inspiration to me. There is more than making wealth or material gains, live your life and brands and not trends Get a copy of destination guide in understanding 30 chapters of time by Atisu delanyo on Atisu delanyo is an author writer and motivational speaker

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