THE PSYCHOMETRIC of destining the destination of 2020 and beyond

At the end of the last chapter, what has been made of the 365 chapters read so far? Anyway there is not much time to reminisce or to bother about it, One thing should be certain, and that’s is the decision to enter the 2020 destination train and destined the life which is expected. There are many tools, usually sought after at a time like this, some will result to using the ‘new year resolution’ but many soon forget about it before mid year, other result to new year theme or declaration made by their religious leaders or organizations other are just been swept away by their jobs/workplace target, growth or development plans. All the above mentioned tools are fine and great but most often are too cumbersome (tall list), This time I want to give you a very simple and flexible tool, have you ever heard of a tool that can do almost any kind of job? I know your answer is probably no! But yes there is certainly a tool that can actually do every kind of job and that tool is called ‘the master key’. you may be wondering so what is the relationship between ‘ key and tool’ the relationship is to know how to use the master key to unlock creativity in any tool. #2020 #masterkey #creativity #psychometric


  • In my quest to understand who’s idea is behind the December 25th and 31st celebration (of course the later is obviously expected to be celebrated the dawn to a new beginning) My attention was cut up in maze of rational thinking of celebration, partying, concerts, giving, sharing, holidays among others that characterize the season, I soon conclude in my thinking that perhaps the season has evolve to what we have today by mixtures of cultures, tradition, new ways of life which most often do not project the actual values and reason behind the season… The through story behind the season may just become blare dim and may fade away soon. Nevertheless in the spirit of awaking the spirit of the season keep sharing the positive story of the season