Believe is defined or re-defined thoughts one one’s mind, to believe is to be confident, convinced. Believe is not the absence of uncertainty, irregularity, in fact believe is independent of the realistic, factual happening the ability to be convinced (certain) of what is not been in existence what is thought not to be possible.

A believe in one’s mind does not make anything meaningless unless one has the ability to market sell his/her self believe, in a complex world full of uncertainty the focus/ determination of self believe will soon be washed away becomes a white elephant/ invaluable waste, however the ability to market and sell one’s self believe is the secret to great achievement everyone seeking success must learn.

Marketing is an organized system in which an idea, product, invention, personality is being sold out, marketing is often related to buying and selling a term much associated with the business world however there is more to marketing than that the core values of marketing surge beyond that we all need the knowledge of marketing to succeed in our endeavors, be a job seeker, seeking for employment, be it an aspiring leader a man planning a proposal, whatever it is or may be the ability to communicate you believe, practice your believe or influence others into your believe is marketing however the number of people who will enthusiastically develop interest into your believe is the number of sales you have made.

The believe systems in the world today have existed and will continue to exist due to quality marketing and sales placed on them by their originators/founders other believe may have died or dead due to lack of enthusiasm, lack of interest by their followers, users or others.

Quality sales and marketing is not measured by media advertisement or billboards alone but by the levels of interest enthusiasm others will develop in your believe.

Media advertisement and billboards are perfect mechanism of marketing and driving sales however for the purpose of this book media advertisement and billboards are not core focus as these method are perfect for services and product, focus here is on ideas, innovation, believes

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