Me too conspiracy theory

Everyone has a destination to reach and that’s defined by limited factors such as why you were born, knowing you (understanding what you can do and what you cannot) weakness and strength all these put together helps you to understand your purpose In life knowing your purpose helps in mapping out your destination route.
Many easily get lost, confused, frustrated, simply because of one thing “me too conspiracy”
Me too conspiracy is a subconscious (maybe psychological) decisions you make out of haste of external influence without much consideration/correlation as to if the decision fit well into your purpose objectives /goals, at the end those who fall prey to “me too conspiracy” ends up just been around, following but not getting anywhere. Every seconds that runs by our subconscious mind is been easily persuaded /influence to make decisions, without adequate planning/meditation one will be easily swayed.
Staying focused requires planning and meditation, with planning first convert your plans to project these way you understand and take it serious.
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