Money talks: ladies and gentlemen how can money talk? to fall victim to these scandal is to have one conscious traded for ten pieces of silver. the same people who believe the saying are the same people corrupting these world let strive to make these world a better place let influence positively with goods deeds and influence made by empty wealth that leave us with nothing.

MONEY WORK : again let be reminded that money has no means to work it does not have hands or brain, these may upset people especially those in the financial/investment world, the fact is it takes people to use your money to work either in investment business etc, without people using your money to work for you, money itself does no work for you. so one may be wondering whats then the point? that is simple it means you/we need to be careful about where or who you give your money to invest or say work on your behalf. usually investor will convince based on one portfolio let your money for you, you need to derive an understanding that of who i’m i giving my money to, what investment, what is their business, what kind of people are in charge of resources management all these checked and understanding will help you choose the right investment the right people and of course getting the most divided out of your hard money.

THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT TO AL EVIL: The love of money is not the root to all evil, money is only a means to propagate evil loving money itself does not crate evil when ones mindset or purpose is of positive and good to benefit the world, its not about loving or not loving money its about how a man thinks and what he proposes to do

MONEY ANSWER ALL THINGS: A gain the biggest of all lies there are many things that money cannot answer, these is to reminded that in as much loving money cause no harm yet it cannot answer/buy all things

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