When someone simply don’t like you, simply don’t trust you and say all sort of words against you! It’s difficult to bear it but remember you do nothing in return but what happens to the fight for dignity and right? Remember royals don’t play with ‘pigs’ the royals will get stain and feel uncomfortable but the pigs will enjoy it because that is their nature, note some people simply enjoy saying all sort of unnecessary things against others, they simply enjoys tempting others to anger and provoke them to committing an offence so that their reason for hatred may be justified! That is why you cannot simply reply/mind every unnecessary comment temptation against you remember a good business man mind his own business and silence is the best answer for some foolishness!

Let these guide you;

·       Haters always lead others into temptation! Don’t allow yourself into temptation

·       Haters always find fault in others! Well you may not be perfect but don’t allow those fault(weakness) and accusation bring you down rise above your weakness with prayer and GOD

·       Haters do not trust, they ‘set up’ to others to fall into temptation? If someone doesn’t trust you can’t prove your trust worthiness to them! You trying to prove your trust worthiness you may end up falling into their temptation ‘set up’ trap because no matter what you do they will never trust you not because you can’t be trusted but because they don’t like you hence only want your downfall

·       Don’t demand respect, right or dignity from anyone especially haters! Yes you can fight for your right, respect, dignity in a non-violent way but remember you can force the horse to the river but cannot force the horse to drink the water, right, respect, dignity is at the best when its mutually given and observed you can’t demand anyone to respect you even if you have the power to force the respect it will not be from the heart and will not hold (like pouring water into the basket)

·       Haters do not have ‘peace of mind’ and that’s why they keep tempting others, these bring us to the conclusion, life is too short to worry over what haters are saying or doing to you, wake up put on the whole amour of smiles and shine your light of love to all humanity.

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