Two friends went out to fetch water, one came back with a bucket of water the other came back with water, Where is the bucket of the other?
The fact is water is the subject matter of this discussion bucket is irrelevant, you can get water and you can have water! In the same sense you don’t need to worry about how you will get that job or make that sale or whatever your needs may be.
You need to understand your self worth and never worry about a thing, worries is a dangerous killer of dreams while lack of understanding of self worth is a total destroyer of abilities and potentials.
Understanding your self worth is not possible without understanding the times, this is why I recommend to you

Me too conspiracy theory

Everyone has a destination to reach and that’s defined by limited factors such as why you were born, knowing you (understanding what you can do and what you cannot) weakness and strength all these put together helps you to understand your purpose In life knowing your purpose helps in mapping out your destination route.
Many easily get lost, confused, frustrated, simply because of one thing “me too conspiracy”
Me too conspiracy is a subconscious (maybe psychological) decisions you make out of haste of external influence without much consideration/correlation as to if the decision fit well into your purpose objectives /goals, at the end those who fall prey to “me too conspiracy” ends up just been around, following but not getting anywhere. Every seconds that runs by our subconscious mind is been easily persuaded /influence to make decisions, without adequate planning/meditation one will be easily swayed.
Staying focused requires planning and meditation, with planning first convert your plans to project these way you understand and take it serious.
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There is time for everything this is the exact words the preacher man preaches, The old man said many wise saying about time; there is time for laughter, there is time mourning, there is time for giving birth, for planting and harvesting among others but I never had there is time for locking down! Or could this be another version of time for silence? The time we are in lead my curiosity into understanding the locking down sweeping across the world. Back rewind it’s December 2019 and there are lot of celebration in the air around the world, to many its the Season of yuletide a reflection of an unforgettable biggest gifts of birth to the world, to others a time to cool off all 334 days of hard work, to others a time of accountability but which ever way there is high expectations to the days ahead which was never to be very catastrophic and deadly to every corner of the earth. Now if our only begotten beloved earth is now becoming increasingly unsafe where are we to turn to we have no other place to go not even one among the thousands of planet can host humanity, this is a duty call to everyone to contribute in making our world a better place. The world is in a lock down to fight one common enemy which is more deadly than death because its invincible,its invincible not because it cannot be seen but because we do not have a weapon to fight it yet, until we discover a weapon to fight these battle the world will still be in the lock down cells.

How can we fight an invincible forces? to fight an invincible forces you have to be invincible, you have to strategise and understand the forms of the invisible forces these can only be achieved through locking down i.e when you are in a locked down camp there you can efficeiently strategise your forms of invincibility

NOTE: You have to strategise your warfare methodology and understand the warfare of the invincisbel forces, one key recipe to achieving these is information gathering, data through reading studying and learning meaning at locked down times like these studying, learning continuosly is an essential activity.

Key things we need to avoid include less of distracting and misinformation media ( traditional,social), they can easily disract an disrupt your new level of inspiration to learn, study or to strategise

worry less think less after all worrying or thinking does not solve the problem anyway, it will leave you stressed. you need to fill your mind with new thinking information, understanding the warfare of the invincible force you need to know the why,what triggered the fight what the enemy want the purpose/objectives is it a good course or bad one where do you stand on the offensive or defensive side.


Do you know life is a destination train moving so fast faster than anything you could imagine, destination train has no station and does not wait or stop. The point one get in is birth and the point one get out is death.

Life is journey, this journey is called destination to destiny, reading is a compass to navigate through the storm and challenges of life, in reading one acquire intelligence, knowledge, understanding, information, data all needed to strategize and plan in order to face the dynamic disruptive nature of tomorrow.

Do you need a new level of inspiration to plan strategize or a catalyst to catapult you on-top despite all the disruptive changes that will be happening tomorrow

Do you tomorrow is even more crowed, more disruptive and just too dynamic that one cannot exactly predict the mode of next action,

And do you know that DESTINATION GUIDE is a disruptive inspiration neutralizer needed to reinvent and strategize it’s the only inspirational buoyancy everyone need to stay ahead of the park

That’s is why I recommend DESTINATION GUIDE, get your new level of inspiration

About the author

Atisu delanyo is a building contractor he does everything building and construction, writing and he best describe as the busy-ness psychologist

Some of his notable quote,

“People criticize you because they don’t know your size”

“Mine your mind busy-ness”

“The mind is the most expensive and most valuable resource ever there is”

The psychology of Negotiation (5) Negotiating with the times

What is time? Time is the most valuable resources ever there is! Time is the most important weapon to defeat failures, time understanding is the secret that powers success, the rich/successful people understand the times too well and that’s why they keep on succeeding? You cannot afford to waste the time! Nevertheless to waste time is inevitable without understanding it, time is the only most valuable resources we cannot discover it available to us all, no one wake up to go around looking for time nor go about looking for time to buy! There are many sales and marketing professionals out there who can brag about selling anything or marketing anything but I have never heard or seen anyone one can brag about selling or marketing time! So what exactly is time? It’s available to us all for free yet we mostly complain i don’t have time? Where is your 24hrs a day, 7day a week and 365days a year, just a quick reminder we are just pulling down another year calendar? What seed have sown in all the seconds, minutes, hours, days, that have passed. Those who understand the subject “time” are the same people who keep dancing to the tunes of success. In my previous part (4) we talk about brands and trends, the thin line that separated brands from trends is “time” how do I mean? Recall: brands last for life, brands never dies but trends is just for a moment trends come and go, we must live our lives as brands and not trends, we must leave brands legacy with our lives this is the only thing that define success, Success is not measured by material gains or possessions, success is simply measured by the relevance it has to the society, the community how is it helping changing lives for the better. To what profit will it be if a man makes all the money, wealth and it has no positive impact to the society or community at large, those who only acquire wealth for themselves are soon forgotten mostly their wealth even varnished so quickly, but those who build there lives around brands they pull others up, they leave foot paths for others to follow, one of my iconic brands I follow BRIAN TRACY, bishop CHARLES AGYINASARE, SUN TZU, STEVE JOBS, among others, why I am mentioning these brands names? Because they are source of inspiration to me. There is more than making wealth or material gains, live your life and brands and not trends Get a copy of destination guide in understanding 30 chapters of time by Atisu delanyo on Atisu delanyo is an author writer and motivational speaker


     When someone simply don’t like you, simply don’t trust you and say all sort of words against you! It’s difficult to bear it but remember you do nothing in return but what happens to the fight for dignity and right? Remember royals don’t play with ‘pigs’ the royals will get stain and feel uncomfortable but the pigs will enjoy it because that is their nature, note some people simply enjoy saying all sort of unnecessary things against others, they simply enjoys tempting others to anger and provoke them to committing an offence so that their reason for hatred may be justified! That is why you cannot simply reply/mind every unnecessary comment temptation against you remember a good business man mind his own business and silence is the best answer for some foolishness!

Let these guide you;

·       Haters always lead others into temptation! Don’t allow yourself into temptation

·       Haters always find fault in others! Well you may not be perfect but don’t allow those fault(weakness) and accusation bring you down rise above your weakness with prayer and GOD

·       Haters do not trust, they ‘set up’ to others to fall into temptation? If someone doesn’t trust you can’t prove your trust worthiness to them! You trying to prove your trust worthiness you may end up falling into their temptation ‘set up’ trap because no matter what you do they will never trust you not because you can’t be trusted but because they don’t like you hence only want your downfall

·       Don’t demand respect, right or dignity from anyone especially haters! Yes you can fight for your right, respect, dignity in a non-violent way but remember you can force the horse to the river but cannot force the horse to drink the water, right, respect, dignity is at the best when its mutually given and observed you can’t demand anyone to respect you even if you have the power to force the respect it will not be from the heart and will not hold (like pouring water into the basket)

·       Haters do not have ‘peace of mind’ and that’s why they keep tempting others, these bring us to the conclusion, life is too short to worry over what haters are saying or doing to you, wake up put on the whole amour of smiles and shine your light of love to all humanity.


Believe is defined or re-defined thoughts one one’s mind, to believe is to be confident, convinced. Believe is not the absence of uncertainty, irregularity, in fact believe is independent of the realistic, factual happening the ability to be convinced (certain) of what is not been in existence what is thought not to be possible.

A believe in one’s mind does not make anything meaningless unless one has the ability to market sell his/her self believe, in a complex world full of uncertainty the focus/ determination of self believe will soon be washed away becomes a white elephant/ invaluable waste, however the ability to market and sell one’s self believe is the secret to great achievement everyone seeking success must learn.

Marketing is an organized system in which an idea, product, invention, personality is being sold out, marketing is often related to buying and selling a term much associated with the business world however there is more to marketing than that the core values of marketing surge beyond that we all need the knowledge of marketing to succeed in our endeavors, be a job seeker, seeking for employment, be it an aspiring leader a man planning a proposal, whatever it is or may be the ability to communicate you believe, practice your believe or influence others into your believe is marketing however the number of people who will enthusiastically develop interest into your believe is the number of sales you have made.

The believe systems in the world today have existed and will continue to exist due to quality marketing and sales placed on them by their originators/founders other believe may have died or dead due to lack of enthusiasm, lack of interest by their followers, users or others.

Quality sales and marketing is not measured by media advertisement or billboards alone but by the levels of interest enthusiasm others will develop in your believe.

Media advertisement and billboards are perfect mechanism of marketing and driving sales however for the purpose of this book media advertisement and billboards are not core focus as these method are perfect for services and product, focus here is on ideas, innovation, believes

(continued, please contact the author for complete version)

remember to get a copy of DESTINATION GUIDE (all roads leads to Rome) by Atisu Delanyo


Money talks: ladies and gentlemen how can money talk? to fall victim to these scandal is to have one conscious traded for ten pieces of silver. the same people who believe the saying are the same people corrupting these world let strive to make these world a better place let influence positively with goods deeds and influence made by empty wealth that leave us with nothing.

MONEY WORK : again let be reminded that money has no means to work it does not have hands or brain, these may upset people especially those in the financial/investment world, the fact is it takes people to use your money to work either in investment business etc, without people using your money to work for you, money itself does no work for you. so one may be wondering whats then the point? that is simple it means you/we need to be careful about where or who you give your money to invest or say work on your behalf. usually investor will convince based on one portfolio let your money for you, you need to derive an understanding that of who i’m i giving my money to, what investment, what is their business, what kind of people are in charge of resources management all these checked and understanding will help you choose the right investment the right people and of course getting the most divided out of your hard money.

THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT TO AL EVIL: The love of money is not the root to all evil, money is only a means to propagate evil loving money itself does not crate evil when ones mindset or purpose is of positive and good to benefit the world, its not about loving or not loving money its about how a man thinks and what he proposes to do

MONEY ANSWER ALL THINGS: A gain the biggest of all lies there are many things that money cannot answer, these is to reminded that in as much loving money cause no harm yet it cannot answer/buy all things

doubt and confusion

Do you know that, confusion is doubt, confusion causes blare vision, have you realize there is a time and there are times?

What makes the world go round? Some says it’s money others says it’s women/ladies! Those are facts but there is only one truth

All road leads to Rome, this is the only truth that make the world go round, this single philosophy has been proven thousand years ago by Chinese War lords sun TZU he said ‘I was able to go he was able to come, this is connected,

Now all roads can only leads to Rome (your Destination) if there are connections,

Ladies and gentlemen discover more with destination guide all roads leads to Rome

the psychology of negotiation (6)

The psychology of Negotiation (6) 80/20 rule of knowledge You can attend all the best schools in the world and many more, you may be taught by all the best tutors, lecturers, still the maximum obtainable knowledge you can get is 80% the 20% remaining can only be acquired through one school and be taught by only one master called the school of life and the experience master. Yes experience is the only one master and the school where experience is taught or learnt is life. In 2019 and beyond let experience be your driver, let intelligence/knowledge be the vehicle and smartness be how fast/smooth you can drive Stay blessed Atisu delanyo is an author writer and motivational speaker